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Your Name & Age: Brianna~ 21
Child(rens) Name & Age: Alexander & Benjamin - 6 months today!
Child(rens) Date of Birth: 1/4/2007
Born At *how many weeks*: 32
Weight & Length: alex was 2lbs 9oz and ben was 2lbs 12oz. i don't remember lengths.
Tell us about yourself: I'm 21, stay-at-home mommy, living in the middle of nowhere... lol.

Well, Alex and Ben are my firsts.  Alex is the older of the two, which most people think it's terribly clever that they're "a" and "b" when in the NICU they called them "babyboy a" and "babyboy b".  (we didn't intentionally do that, it's just how it happened.)
So the story of them being born is really a crappy one.  I was stubborn, and didn't go to the doctor, even knowing I was pregnant. So first of all, that's not something I'll be doing again. and I don't need to hear how stupid I am, believe me, I've learned my lesson!
January 3, 2007 my boyfriend went to work, and I was sick with a headache and was getting sick everytime I ate something, which should have been an indication something was wrong... by the time my boyfriend had come home from work I was laying in bed in total darkness because my head was killing me so badly i wanted to die. When I woke up it was January 5, 2007 and I was in the hospital.  Turns out on the 4th my boyfriend had woken up to me falling out of bed because I was having seizures from high blood pressure (which is what caused my headache in the first place)... so I was rushed to the hospital where I came to long enough to tell my boyfriend i was pregnant, which he knew, and i knew, but we never said anything to anyone else... and I had the babies by emergency c-section at 11:06 and 11:07 AM.  They spent a month in the NICU and now are happy healthy babies :)

Here's some pictures :) Cause they're sooo freaking adorable :)

Benjamin William

Alexander Robert

Alexander is in the green hoodie and Benjamin is in the blue hoodie (I believe. I could be wrong...) This was taken about 2 months ago.

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