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Thought I'd Introduce Myself...

Hi, I'm Tara 25 from Post Falls, Idaho. I have a beautiful baby boy who just turned 7 on Dec. 30th. I thought maybe I could bring some hope as well as get advice from this group.

My mother was born at 32 weeks and has cerebral palsy, I was born at 30 weeks and fortunately I'm healthy. With this said preemies run in our family, so when we found out I was pregnant at 18 everyone cried. We hoped and even my doctors thought there was no reason for me to have anything but a normal pregnancy. Well it all started at about 14 weeks when I started having contractions, the only problem being nobody knew that was what was going on. I was bed ridden with what I was told was the flu and recieving anti-biotic injections in the butt every other day, and taking tylenol constantly to keep my fever down. Just as I was getting to the point of feeling the baby move he dropped and quit moving, meanwhile I was sleeping with my head out the window in the middle of winter. After a series of shots I made it litterally minutes into my 27th week and had a beautiful baby boy. He was actually surprisingly in good shape to start off with, he was 2 lbs 14ozs and 16 inches long, his apgar scores were 8:9!!! and they were able to wait 8 hours before putting him on the vent. Now I am fortunate that we have a NICU within an hour of where I live so visiting was not an issue, however that is where my (our) luck ended. His liver, kidneys, and pancreas were not working as well as having an ASD, a VSD, and of course problems with his pda, also at this point we were already battling retinopathy, as well as lesions in the brain. Of course the docs and nurses want to help but don't try to get your hopes up, so through all this they are telling me he'll never walk, or feed himself, that sort of thing... as if that wasn't enough he got bacterial meningitis. Needless to say the outlook became worse, that he wouldn't even know me as his mother or reach the mentality of a 5 year old. I was with him at least 12 hours a day, usually at night when it was quieter, and despite the doctors orders the nurses let me hold him. I would hum to him and rock while holding him skin to skin, and as his heart and breathing would level out the other babies around us would level out as well. Somehow through all this he was ready to go home only 5 weeks after being born, not only that it was my birthday!!! Two years later I stopped in to say hi, after a cardiology appt., and was greeted with "oh you had another baby!" There have been tons of trials in his life, illnesses that you don't even think of being a danger, but here we are today. Brandon just turned 7, and he plays baseball & soccer, as well as being a grade level ahead in both reading in math... Other than his immune system being a little on the weak side still life is great and he is as healthy as can be.
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