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New to everything & Looking to network

Your Name & Age: Rebecca 21
Child(rens) Name & Age: Dain & Kori 3 months
Child(rens) Date of Birth: July 31, 2008
Born At *how many weeks*: 34 wks.
Weight & Length: I really don't remember length.  Dain - 2lbs 12oz  Kori - 4lbs 6oz
Tell us about yourself:
I'm married to a wonderful man.  He works as a security guard while I stay at home with the kids.  We are currently living with his mom and step dad.  They are wonderful people.  I like that they are not afraid to tell us what is going on with them.  Currently everyone in the household is either in debt or going to be shortly.  At the end of the month, I will loose the internet.  I totally don't want that to happen as it is my only connection to the outside world, at this point.  Also I suffer from PPD and it has been interesting.  With all the ups and downs I would say this is the most exciting part of life and also the most turmatic.  I would love to meet people and exchange things (I.E. thoughts, ideas, etc.)
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