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I was a preemie and so was my daughter

Your Name & Age: Nancy, 33
Child(rens) Name & Age: Laura Cate 4 yrs old
Child(rens) Date of Birth: January 1, 2005
Born At *how many weeks*: 34
Weight & Length: 7lbs 10oz, 21in
Tell us about yourself:

I am a stay at home mommy now  going back to school to finish a Ph.D. in forensic anthropology. (I was a preemie too at 31wks). I used to be a NICU nurse for 6 years until I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancy was what I would deem a murphy's law pregnancy, because anything that could go wrong did.

I found out at 4 weeks I was pregnant. At 12 wks I started bleeding and contracting. They started me on terbutylene and put me on bed rest. I was sent to a perinatologist who then told me I was a gestational diabetic. Insulin dependent. So I was injecting myself with insulin 3 times a day. I saw the perinatologist once a month. They took me off bed rest at 21 weeks and I went back to work and the first day back I passed out. My heart murmur was acting up so... back on bedrest. YAY. At 32 weeks I started non strest testing twice a week. On Dec 31st, my daughter had a decel (heart rate decreased) and I had A LOT of protein in my urine not to mention the headache. My blood pressures were high. SO... I had PIH. They did an amnio in the office and then my perinatologist told me "you go to the hospital RIGHT NOW..." I get to the hospital and I'm in tears (because I know what's happening). Their big plan was to keep me on bed rest in the hospital until 36 weeks... Not so... I was put on an insulin drip and my room had to remain "calm". I watched the fireworks on TV as people were cheering from the strip. (I live in Las Vegas)... and they gave me a sleeping pill .. but I started contracting.. so they checked me and I was starting to dialate... SO needless to say I went to sleep through the contractions. The next morning ... Laura's heart rate had another decel and my pressures were very high. So they decided to do an emergency c-section. I was preped and ready to go in 15 min. As soon as she was out.. the anesthesiologist said "dr. her blood pressures are very high, I am giving her something" and then she said "I think she's seizing". and I was. I had a seizure in the operating room.. I was then placed on magnesium sulfate and anti-seizure medication and still on the insulin drip. I remember waking up in adult ICU. I spent 3 days in ICU and didn't see my daughter until after that. She was in the NICU for a week. I had a horrible recovery.

My husband and I are talking about having another baby and thankfully I have no adverse effects. In fact since having Laura I've lost over 145lbs. 

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